Do I Qualify?

How Do I Qualify For Free Boiler Grant

You can qualify for free boiler and underfloor insulation under government ECO3 funding grants if you meet the following criteria. The following requirements are needed to ensure that you qualify for the ECO3 funding

Owner occupied Property, owner must live at the property

Existing Boiler needs to be minimum 6 years old or installed 6 years ago.

To qualify for free underfloor insulation and boiler, your ground level floor’s 50% area must be timbered floor/wooden or have a cellar underneath the ground floor of the property.

Any member of household or family living at the property must receive any one of the qualifying benefit.

List of Qualifying Benefits

Child Tax Credit
Working Tax Credit
Pension Guaranteed Credit
Income related Employment Support Allowance
Income based Job Seekers Allowance
Income Support
Disability Living Allowance
Personal Independence Payment
Attendance Allowance
Carer’s Allowance
Sever Disablement Allowance
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
Ministry of Justice Benefits
War Pensions Mobility Supplement
Constant Attendance Allowance
Armed Forces Independence Payment
Child Benefit (Income Based)

Free boiler with insulation grants are only available to homeowners. Electric storage heaters and first time central heating (FTCH) grants are open to both homeowners and private tenants with the landlords permission.

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What are the benefits of the free boiler grant scheme?

Research has shown that boiler models that become five or more years old, tend to provide only 65% of their full energy efficiency. With a new A-rated boiler, your boiler would be performing at 90% of its efficiency. So a new A-rated boiler and underfloor insulation will help you to reduce your energy bills to around £250 to £300 annually.

If under any unfortunate circumstances, your old boiler breaks down, repair can cost up to £300-500 and no guarantee is provided. Replacing a boiler can cost up to a massive amount of up to £2000. Under the ECO3 scheme, your new A-rated boiler and underfloor insulation will be installed 100 % free and it will be covered by a 2-year minimum warranty provided by the manufacturer. This can be further extended up to 10 years with manufacturer as well with a small annual fee.

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