• Economy

    Increase in the energy performance rating of your house

  • Connectivity

    Increase in the energy performance rating of your house

  • Ecology

    Increase in the energy performance rating of your house

  • Equity

    Heating bills reduced year upon year saving up to an estimated £175 every year

Free Insulation

We at Greenland Energy services are a dedicated team focused on providing 100% Free Cavity Wall and Loft insulation Subject to your status and area.

.We aim to achieve the statutory carbon reduction targets in accordance ECO . Under this umbrella there is three categories which we deal with i.e CERO, HHCRO and CSCO. Please contact us as soon as possible and save your energy bills!!!

We can also to replace your old boiler for FREE subject to your status


Professional External Wall Insulation & Solid Wall Insulation ECO Funding, Grants & Providers.

As you are well aware the new funding stream of ECO is upon us, which could unlock funding for significant amounts of Solid Wall Insulation / External Wall Insulation and other measures to be installed over the coming years.

ECO replaced CERT and CESP in December 2012 and is split into three streams:

bullet Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO) 20.9 MtCO2 (Private & Social)
bullet Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO) 6.8 MtCO2 (Private & Social)
bullet Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) £4.2bn (Private)

CERO is designed to complement Green Deal and aims at measures which are unlikely to meet the Green Deal golden rule primarily Solid Wall Insulation and Hard to Treat Cavity Wall Insulation, CSCO is targeted at the 15% most fuel poor areas of the UK, a proportion of which must be classed as rural, while HHCRO is for private customers only, who meet an SPG criteria.

ECO Funding Cornerstone successfully funded and help deliver a number of schemes funded via CESP & CERT and have spent the early months of 2013 learning the intricacies and pitfalls of the ECO funding process. We are one of the first to claim ECO funding via CERO for Solid Wall Insulation in the UK, and now have multiple schemes up and running.

We have in place numerous utility company partners and feel we are in a unique position to offer funding and guidance through the ECO funding process from start to finish, and offer Installers, landlords, housing associations and councils the opportunity to fund their works with an excellent knowledge of what is required to access the funding through ECO.

If you would like to know more about ECO funding and getting external wall insulation funding please email at info@greenlandenergy.co.uk

Green Deal


Just a note to say a big thank you to you, the very courteous young man who did the survey and the young man that completed the job. It was lovely to receive such prompt attention from start to finish. Once again thank you all.

Mrs. Marget Stewart